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The Moments in Between

The moments in between are filled with laughter and wonder

Like a shopping trip or lunch with a dear friend

The moments in between are happy and carefree

Then it creeps in

The urge to reach for the hand sanitizer

The reminder to wash our hands again

The heightened awareness when a cough is heard

The wondering, should I even be here?

What’s next? Will it be me? Someone I love?

What will it feel like? A cold, the flu?

Will I spread the disease? Am I spreading it now?

The moments in between seem fewer now

So I create them

Like a spontaneous trip to the market with my kids for a sweet treat

But the lines are longer than I’ve ever seen with carts overflowing

There is tension all around

My son shuts down

My daughter asserts herself

I snap back

Uncomfortable silence

The cashier has been there 10 and a half hours, not even she is happy

There is no moment in between

Later in the car my daughter explodes with tears and fears that have bubbled to the top

My son shuts down even more

I am their protector, the creator of most moments in between

I have failed

I confess

I do not know what will happen, but we will do our best together

We cry

We hug

In that moment in between, we love

We Love

Written by: Patricia Zamora

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