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Easter in Quarantine on Your Terms

I feel like I grew up small.

My Dad was quiet, my Mom was quiet.

We didn’t celebrate big.

Humble small celebrations (if any) and no blowing of horns and such.

I’ve tried to break out of that shell. Mainly because my Mother-in-Law likes to celebrate every holiday together with a dinner and a baked good. She says the celebrations don’t have to be big, but they have to be together. (but they end up big and also fun).

She always sends a card for every occasion too.

I tried really hard last year to be big.

My son graduated from 8th grade to High School and we threw him a party.

There was catering, decor and a custom cake. We also hosted a few other get togethers. They were big and successful.

During this quarantine I’ve gone back to feeling small (and a tad blue).

But for the past weeks we’ve gotten baked goods dropped off at our door.

My Mother-In-Law lets us know it’s her. This last time there was a beautiful Easter Card with a delivery of chewy fudgy brownies and a German Chocolate Cake (my favorite). Not big, but together in a way.

My husband who loves that togetherness and celebrations, surprised us all this morning with goodies from the Easter Bunny. Early riser that I am, I broke out the baskets and added some cash to them. It reminded me that I was going so small that it was close to nothing. (sort of a dark place). With his covert nudging, this Easter is not big, and not small but just right.

I hope your Easter is the way that you want it considering the circumstances.

Big, small, together virtually, alone, whichever. Just don’t compare yourself to anyone else. . If you want to go BIG. Do it with what you have. If you want to go SMALL do it too. Just decide and listen to that longing and be content with that.

Happy Easter, whichever way you choose to celebrate it.

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